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What Is The Average Digital Marketing Salary In Australia?

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What Is The Average Digital Marketing Salary In Australia

What Is the Average Digital Marketing Salary in Australia? If you’re considering a career in digital marketing, one of your first questions is probably about compensation. After all, if you’re not going to be able to make a comfortable living in a profession, it might not be a great fit.

Or, if you’re already working in the field, you might be curious about how your compensation stacks up.

In this article, we’ll give you some guidelines about the average salary for digital marketers in Australia and how those salaries are determined.

Compensation Based on Experience

Like any profession, the longer you’ve been doing something, the higher the salary you can command. Logic suggests that someone who’s just starting out will make significantly less money because they don’t know as much. As digital marketer gains experience, they can prove themselves to be more valuable to the organization and earn more money.

On average, a digital marketer in Australia earns about $85,000 per year, which is the equivalent of $43.59 per hour. There is, of course, a wide range of salaries that fall below this mark, and a number of them that go far beyond this average.

Based on a survey of 408 salaries, the lowest reported income was $70,000, and the highest was $119,443.

Keep in mind that this survey is merely representative of a sample, not the entire population of digital marketing professionals in Australia. Other surveys show average salaries of  $82,879 per year with a low of $57k.

Compensation Based on the Role

The numbers above reflect salaries based on a digital marketing manager. If you are just beginning your career, you will most likely not be a manager quite yet. Conversely, if you are a seasoned professional, your salary may be significantly higher than the above numbers.

A director of digital marketing, for example, could expect to earn around $142,749 annually.

There is also the potential to receive additional compensation, including:

  • Bonuses: Ranging from $2k to $20k
  • Profit-sharing: Ranging from $986 to $24k
  • Commission: Ranging from $5k to $10k

When you’re just entering the field as a digital marketing specialist or assistant, the average starting salary is around $54k, and the curve rises progressively higher as you gain experience and take on more senior roles.

Compensation Based on Duties

All marketing tasks are important, but companies may value them differently depending on:

  • The availability of the talent
  • The difficulty of the tasks
  • Whether advanced training is required
  • How important the tasks are to the profitability of the business
  • Internal biases

Let’s illustrate with an example.

A company that has traditionally engaged in traditional marketing might place less value on a social media manager than a website designer. Their logic might be that social media people scroll through their phones all day, and their social media channels don’t lead to any meaningful leads or sales while the website is the source of the bulk of their revenue.

A more enlightened company might place a higher value on social media, recognising that it’s relevant to its customer base and people flock to the website because of the work that the social media marketing department is doing.

The above examples are very simplistic, black and white, and not based on any specific company. Most companies do, however, base the salaries on the list of criteria above combined with the salary reports that we’ve linked to.

If your goal is to secure maximum compensation in a digital marketing role, it can be helpful to know what the range is for various roles at different levels of experience. Make sure that you are aware of your worth, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Digital Marketing Is in Demand in Australia

If you work as a digital marketing expert, there is a wealth of opportunities. Companies are always looking for qualified, competent, and enthusiastic people to join their teams, including us!  Contact Perth Digital Edge to find out about current openings for digital marketing interns and digital marketing managers.