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The Top 3 Blogs to follow about SEO

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3 best seo blogs to follow

3 Best Blogs to Follow About SEO

Nowadays, the majority of consumers use the internet to search for information, whether it’s a phone number, product research, or store opening hours. This results in billions of local searches being conducted every month. For small businesses, having a well-planned SEO strategy is crucial to ensure that your products and services are presented to potential customers who are searching for what you offer.

As traditional marketing methods become less effective, establishing your online presence has become increasingly important. While you may have a basic understanding of SEO principles, implementing a successful strategy can be challenging. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available, offering educational tools and tactical components to help you. In this article, we will provide an overview of the five best blogs to follow to maximize your SEO efforts.

Understanding Google My Business and Local Search

Mike Blumenthal’s blog, Understanding Google Business Profiles, is a highly regarded authority on SEO and marketing. It offers a valuable resource for anyone interested in keeping up to date with the latest developments and trends in local search. The blog provides excellent insights into SEO, covering topics such as recovering deleted plus pages, the latest Google test search results, and Shadow Box in Serp.


Whitespark is a software company that offers SEO solutions to businesses. Their blog is a valuable resource for small businesses and marketers looking to improve their SEO campaigns. It provides useful tools such as Local Citation Finder, which helps businesses identify the best places to list for optimal rankings. Additionally, their Local Rank Tracker helps to monitor rankings in specific areas. The blog also offers insights into the logistics of Local SEO, making it an essential read for anyone interested in improving their search engine ranking.

Local University

The blog and forum of Local University has gathered some of the top experts in the industry, such as Mike Blumenthal, Will Scott, and David Mihm. The platform also offers seminars and educational events, with videos and other useful resources available. While there is a fee for accessing all content and resources, the quality of the experts and their posts makes it a valuable investment.