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The Best SEO Agencies In Perth – 5 Star SEO Companies

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How to find the best SEO agencies in Perth

Obviously, if you need to find the Best SEO in Perth, our team will claim that we are it!

However, if you are looking for a list of Perth SEO companies that have only 5-star ratings on GMB and at least ten reviews in total, then keep reading. The list below consists of Perth SEO companies that have only received 5-star reviews and have at least ten total reviews.

This list was created to help customers make informed decisions about the market and is current as of December 2022.”

Searching for reliable SEO companies

Unfortunately, SEO is an unregulated industry where anyone can claim to be an SEO specialist. In the interest of transparency, we decided to rate each company using the Google review system. Companies with a 5-star review rating are rare because it is difficult to maintain that rating; most companies have to go above and beyond to do so.

Achieving a 5 star rating

As mentioned, maintaining a 5-star review rating can be challenging. PDE has achieved this by delivering measurable returns, excellent customer service, and acting as an ally in the digital space for our customers. It could be fair to say that the companies on this list follow a similar philosophy. It is possible that some agencies focus more on obtaining reviews than others. At PDE, we do not have a specific system in place for this, but it is worth noting that some larger companies may have systems in place that could potentially influence these results.

Are Fake Reviews a thing

Gone are the days when you can simply “buy” reviews. Google has become very sophisticated in detecting this and will remove reviews from companies that engage in this practice. It is fair to say that the review system is strict, but it encourages companies to go above and beyond for their customers. If a company tries to fake their way to the top with fake reviews, it is likely that customers will become upset and leave negative reviews, resulting in a rating lower than 5 stars.

5 Star SEO companies – The List

Note – We only included. SEO Companies only made the list if they had more than 10 reviews and had all 5 stars.

Company Name  Website  Review Count 
Bonfire 207
Lethal Digital 126
Dilate 119
Digital Hitman 80
Scott Shorter 76
Optimise Online 70
Word of Month 67
Distl 67
Dimension Digital 61
White chalk road 55
Start Digital 48
Harmonised Marketing 44
Living Online 34
Bloom Digital 32
Bang Digital 31
Perth Digital Edge 31
My Online Guy 31
3am Ideas 24
Ad impact 24
Yikes Marketing 19
SEO Perth Experts 19
Perth Digital Agency 19
Halo Digital 19
SEO Room 14
Ingnite Search 13

We could have missed some – this is what we know about – if you know of an agency in Perth that has 5 stars and should be added to this list, reach out to us.