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Are You Looking For A Digital Marketing Internship In Perth?

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Are you looking to break into a digital marketing internship in Perth but you lost or are just not sure how to get started?

Keep reading, and we’ll shed some light on why digital marketing internships are a valuable job opportunity and the best strategies for getting them.

Why Get a Digital Marketing Internship?

Before talking about how beneficial a digital marketing internship can be to your career, it’s important to get a handle on why you might want a digital marketing internship in the first place. It usually comes down to one of two reasons:

  1. You want to work in the digital marketing field, but you can’t get hired without any experience.

Unfortunately, you can’t gain any experience until someone hires you. It’s a catch-22.

With an internship, you can get that valuable experience. At this level, employers know that you don’t have experience yet, and that’s okay. Instead of specific knowledge and skills, we want to see passion, drive, and trainability.

  1. You think you might want to do digital marketing, but you’re not sure this career path is right for you.

Digital marketing is very sexy, and a lot of people want to break in and make their mark on a company or on the profession itself. However, other people are on the fence, and they worry about how their CV will look if they get a digital marketing job, decide they hate it, and they leave after a few months.

The good news is that you don’t have to derail your career with an internship. You can negotiate with the company you work with for a short-term gig. If you like the work you do, and the company is a good fit, it could turn into a permanent position!

Alternatively, if you find out that running digital marketing campaigns isn’t your jam, you can gracefully leave the company at the end of your internship term, and there will be no hard feelings. You can chalk the entire thing up to a learning experience.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Internships

Securing a digital marketing internship does a lot more than giving you an entry into the digital marketing field (though that’s incredibly important!).

By dedicating yourself to an internship, you can also get the following:

  1. Learn every aspect of digital marketing.

Once you secure a position in a field like SEO, social media marketing management, copywriting, web design, or content marketing, you could find yourself pigeonholed in one aspect of digital marketing. With a digital marketing internship, Perth companies will expose you to a little bit of everything, and you can find out what you like and what you’re best at.

  1. Develop practical knowledge.

Digital marketing courses are great, but without being able to implement what you learn in the real world, the content you’ve studied is only theoretical. When you work as an intern, you’ll be able to put the knowledge you’ve learned to practical use.

  1. Work with an expert.

Can you imagine diving into a new digital marketing job without any experience? You can only Google your way out of so many situations! By starting your digital marketing career as an intern, you’ll pick up valuable tribal knowledge and gain experience in real-time. The stakes are low because no one expects you to be an expert yet!

  1. Expand your network.

It’s not unusual for digital marketing internships to result in offers for long-term roles. However, even if the company where you do your internship is not a good fit, you will have met dozens of other digital marketing professionals who can potentially recommend you to another company or agency.

How to Get a Digital Marketing Internship in Perth with a Great Company

If you’re looking to work in the digital marketing Perth industry, there are plenty of internship opportunities, including multiple positions here at Perth Digital Edge! When you work with us, you’ll learn alongside experts who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to enriching your career.