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How to get followers on Instagram

Would you like to know the secrets of how to gain free Instagram followers

Finding people to follow you is not as hard as you think as long as you know what you're doing and you have the grasp of the most important details.

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If you continue dealing in the black market, there is a big chance for your Instagram account will be taken down

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How To Get Followers On Instagram

Would you like to know the secrets of how to gain free Instagram followers? Do you want to optimise your account without shelling out too much money or even a dime? How can you make sure that people will engage in your posts?


It is possible to get free Instagram followers without spending too much money. However, it takes the right step to get your Instagram account visible to real followers who care and engage with your brand.

Let me warn you!

Finding people to follow you is not as hard as you think as long as you know what you’re doing and you have the grasp of the most important details.

On the other hand, it gets shady when people reinforce their black marketing techniques. Shortcuts are great but it’s a long shot. It’s also a gamble that you don’t want to lose.

In short, black marketing is a big no-no for an Instagram page promotion. If you continue dealing in the black market, there is a big chance for your Instagram account will be taken down.

In this article, we will explore various tactics on how to get free followers for Instagram and ways to optimise your content to reach a larger audience. We will also look at the benefits of having a lot of Instagram free followers.

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How do I get followers on Instagram fast?

I know what you’re thinking…

To answer your question… there are shortcuts to gaining followers on Instagram such as buying followers or using bots. I know the idea of having many people following your page is very attractive.

On the other hand, you need to be careful to prevent your Instagram account from being suspended.

If you follow the shortcut path, be careful. If you follow the safest path towards successful Instagram page marketing and promotion, this article is for you!

Let’s look at some of the best tactics that actually work!

Start with a plan!

Marketing your business in social networks without a comprehensive plan always leads to failure. Creating a plan is a great way to start any marketing project – getting followers on Instagram. You should also remember that the plan needs to be feasible and strategic to achieve the best results.

Ask yourself. Why do you need people to follow your Instagram age? What are you expecting to gain?

Perhaps, you want to: optimise your website, promote your brand through campaigns, or boost the sales of your Ecommerce store and other reasons.

Whatever the goal is… the first thing to do is focus on creating a strategy that points to your main objective. It can help you create compelling stories about your brand and draw Instagram users to visiting your account.

Know your audience.

Once you have an idea of what your audience wants, marketing your brand is going to be easy! Get to know your audience by finding out important information like their age, where do they live, what they do for a living, how often they use Instagram, their daily challenges, and so on.

This basic information can also be used when connecting to your followers on other social media marketing platforms. By now, you can already read the minds of your audience. It’s easier to market or promote your page if you can read the mind of your audience.

Here’s what to expect next: more leads, more referrals, and more followers. In short, social media shares and conversion rate optimisation success will skyrocket! On the other hand, it takes hard work to get to know an audience. So, play cool and do your research!

Take advantage of Instagram Stories.

Did you know that there are 500 billion people who use Instagram Stories every day?

Instagram Stories is also one of the platform’s most used features in terms of brand promotion. It allows you to showcase your brand using photos and videos.

With features like hashtags, gifs, stickers, poll, geo-tagging, and more, you can easily create excellent and eye-catching content. Stories are also discoverable, which is the reason why you should add relevant hashtags and mentions for your content to viewed by more people.

You should utilise the geotagging features for people to find you based on location and interest. Make each post relatable and recognisable at a glance. It is also important to showcase what makes your brand fun, unique, and different.

Anyway, Instagram Stories are a fun way to get your followers’ attention and get social media shares. It is one of the best features of Instagram that allows you to upload creative video stories with applied filters and other types of editing tools.

Create an engaging profile and bio.

Here are a few important things that should be included in your bio: name, username, website, and bio.

The name should be up to 30 characters and you should also include the main keyword. The username should be the same as the name of your social media channel for followers to easily find you. Your bio should be 150 characters and should convey the brand that you are representing.

You can also add links to your business and other related social media accounts to your Instagram profile. Make sure your bio stand by emphasising skill or profession or website and other interesting features of your brand.

You should also learn to explain your entire brand in a sentence. So, plan on how you can come up with an interesting Instagram profile and bio!

Great Instagram content, more followers!

Content is the king! It is the lifeblood of your Instagram account -that is the biggest secret to promoting your brand in social media networks and also the key to getting more people to follow you!

Think about it… great Instagram content makes people like comment and share your posts which can increase engagement risk. More engagement leads to an Instagram algorithm boost which can help you get Instagram followers for free.

Creating quality Instagram content is easy through the use of the platform’s features like templates, stock images, and filters. There are a few tutorials you can access for free to help and guide you in creating highly optimised Instagram posts. So, make sure to have a well- defined plan before posting content on Instagram.

I suggest getting professional help to optimise your content and ensure that you’re on the track.

Promote on other social networks.

To get more Instagram followers, you got to make your way through other social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Make it easy for people to find your Instagram profile by adding links and phone numbers.

Cross-posting is also a great way to share your content with other platforms which opens the possibility of getting new followers. With cross-posting, your account can also reach a wider audience which can lead to long-lasting business relationships and more Instagram followers.

Offline communication also matters!

Offline communication also provides an opportunity to get new followers. For example, you need to add the link to your Instagram account on your business cards, online newsletters and website to help other people find you quickly.

You should also use Instagram nametag to promote your account through offline materials like signage, packing slips, and product packaging. Nametags are also convenient because it provides you with a code. It is one of the best ways to solicit followers while you’re out.

With the nametag, people that you meet in person can scan the code to follow without typing out anything on their mobile phones.

Know the importance of hashtags.

Hashtags are made for discoverability. People can easily find your posts through the hashtags. The hashtags should be related to your brand, industry and product. But, what are hashtags? Why does it matter?

Hashtags are a set of letters, numbers, and emoji preceded by the symbol #. (e.g. #seoperth, #digitalcompanyperth, #perthdigitaledge) One benefit of using hashtags is… your posts can appear on other users’ Instagram feed even if they’re not following you. It also redirects other users to your page and share it with other social networks.

So, always add hashtags on your bio, profile, and posts. But, the condition is… you must only use relevant hashtags!

Get featured!

Since your aim is to get more followers, getting featured, or having a featured account share your posts should be amongst your objectives.

Featured Instagram accounts have a huge following which means that having them shared or like one of your posts will send a stream of new followers along your way. Watch out for Instagram’s featured project every week to get a chance!

Use geotags.

Tagging your location allows your post or content to be seen by other users. Users can click the tagged location and your Instagram Stories and posts will appear.

It can expose your brand, business, and Instagram profile to a potential audience. Location tagging can also help your followers know where you are and increase your engagement rate which can lead to more followers.

Follow other users, as well.

If you follow other relevant users, there is a fat chance that they will check out your Instagram feed. And maybe they will return the favour! Following other users will also allow you to identify brand influencers that can help you promote your Instagram account.

However, you should keep in mind not to follow many accounts at the same time for follower ratio credibility.

Always engage!

Instagram is all about the community! You need to engage with those communities through Instagram posts. You can get involved by liking, commenting, and sharing posts from credible users.

There are compelling reasons why you need to get involve and engage with those networks of communities on Instagram. More engagement is a good thing for Instagram as it gives you the chance to make it to the Explore Tab.

When people engage in your content, it appears on their followers, as well, which means that you will be exposed to a new audience.

Lastly, when people see you like or commented on their Instagram posts, they will check out your profile too to return the favour.

Encourage your followers to tag their friends.

Once in awhile, encourage you Instagram friends to tag their followers in the comments to help expose your account to other networks of followers.

It is the best way to get new engagement and boost social media posts organically. Social networking is also the most effective way to expand your reach.

Consistency is the key.

Daily posting can help increase the number of people that follow your account quickly. When you post consistently, more people can see them and the Instagram algorithm will be in your favour.

Make sure you post consistently as your audience is looking forward to your content. (You don’t want to disappoint them) Your followers are likely to engage more on your content if you post consistently. Also, if you post consistently, you’ll stay at the top of their minds.

On the other hand, what happens if you become inconsistent? You will lose them! What if you post more than five times a day? They will be annoyed. It’s a matter of studying the ins and out of Instagram page marketing. It is also important to get to know your audience better and to find out when is the best time to post your content.

Post at the right time.

When is the right time to post content? The best time to post on Instagram is between 2 PM and 3 PM CDT. on average. But, it still depends on how your audience engages. As mentioned earlier, it is important to post when your audience are most active.

Posting at 5 AM generates the highest engagement as people tend to check their phones when they wake up. Posting around 11 AM on Saturday can also generate more engagement as people check their phones while eating brunch and hanging out with friends.

Follow your post schedule.

You can use a tool such as Hootsuite for post scheduling on Instagram. It is important to schedule your posting on Instagram to avoid losing your followers and remind you, as well. Plan your post ahead of time to create high-quality, creative, and relevant content.

Create engaging captions.

Engagement is the best way to monetise your Instagram account – to get noticed and get more Instagram followers,. You also need to create engaging and interesting captions for your audience to keep engaging in your content!

There are a few practical tips to remember when writing Instagram captions such as putting upfront the most important keywords and using emojis. (You’ll be surprised how effective emojis are)

If you’re asking… does Instagram allow longer captions? YES! So, you can apply your storytelling skills each time you create a post.

Go live or co-host with a friend.

Live video is now a popular trend. It is one of the best ways to increase engagement with the help of interactive comments and questions which can boost your reach.

If you want to get more followers, go live with a friend or co-host with someone from a different industry.

Ask your co-host or friend to host a live video and invite you as a guest to expose your Instagram account to other users.

What happens when you get 1000 followers on Instagram?

So.. what happens if you got your first 1000 followers on Instagram? What does it mean to your brand or business?

Reaching 1000 followers for a short period of time is quite an aspiring idea. It won’t be easy though. However, if you have reached 1000 that quick. Congratulations!

Reaching 1000 followers means increased monetisation. It also means that you are on the right track! Moreover, here’s what happens when you get more followers:

Engagement is gold in Instagram marketing. There is no point posting content on Instagram if no one can see it. It’s not the number of people that follow you but the engagement rate that matters.

The engagement rate is the number of comments, likes, and posts on Instagram. Higher engagement also means that your Instagram followers are hearing what you say, better yet listening!

If you own an ecommerce business that is linked to your Instagram, you can use the help of your social media friends to promote your virtual store.

Visual marketing is one of the most important tactics in promoting your business and Instagram page. Plus your stream of Instagram followers will also be more inclined to engage or share your posts if they’re creative and interactive.

More than 1/3 of Instagram users use the platform to purchase goods and services. There are also 75% that take action while using Instagram like visiting your website.

Users may also click “Shop Now” or the Contact Us buttons. It doesn’t matter if they do not put the purchase as you can retarget them for future marketing.

If your Instagram page is highly optimised, traffic sales will increase, plus you will have a user-generated content marketing tactic that actually works! Instagram is designed for user-generated content, by nature, which gives your posts an opportunity to be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Moreover, high engagement can build trust which also helps boost your brand or business and get you to the top page of SERP, as well.

Having tons of followers also gives the opportunity to connect with new people, share your content with people who haven’t stumbled to your content automatically. Your followers can help you get a new set of audience that can spread awareness about your brand.

What you should not do?

There are a few mistakes that you should avoid when promoting your Instagram page which are:

  • • Lack of Goals

Goals are often neglected and undefined when promoting an Instagram page. Think of your goals before starting your Instagram marketing promotion. If you want to get a free Instagram follower each time you log in to your account, define your goals beforehand. Why? Goals are the foundation of Instagram marketing. Without it, your plan will fail – you will also lose your followers.

  • • Making your Instagram account private

Engagement is a golden rule in Instagram marketing. How can your followers engage with your post on Instagram if your account is private? I understand that you want to make your life private, but if it’s a business, it should be publicly visible. Why is it not good to put your business account in private? It only means that you don’t want other users to follow you. That makes sense right?

  • • Duplicate photos

Your follower wants to see something new and fresh. They do not want to see content that has been seen uploaded many times. Duplicate photo is a big no-no! Rest assured, your followers can easily get annoyed if they see you posting duplicate content from time to time.

  • • Not being responsive

Comments are engagement metrics Instagram is looking out for. Google also looks for user-generated content which a key factor when it comes to ranking. You need to strike while the iron is hot! Be responsive. Interact with your audience all the time.

  • • Quantity over quality

It’s not the number of posts in a day, but the quality of each post that can generate engagement. When creating an Instagram post, you should focus on using the relevant hashtags and captions for discoverability and draw audience attention.

  • • Inconsistency can be the key to failure.

As mentioned, your followers are waiting for posts which means that they will be disappointed if you fail to do so. You’ll lose them which can terribly affect the engagement rate and decrease monetisation.


Instagram is one of the best marketing platforms in the virtual world. It can bring positive results to your business such as increased sales and traffic. It is important to arrive at the best Instagram marketing tactic to achieve the best results.

There are so many ways to get Instagram followers for free. There are also a few things that you need to remember before you start heading towards that direction. It is important to be aware of those rules to ensure the best results.

There are also Instagram shortcuts; however, it is not recommended. Some of those shortcuts are considered black marketing. I suggest you stick to the traditional and safest ways to get an Instagram free follower.

Be consistent. Do not fail your Instagram buddies. Let them know that you understand their life situations and make them feel important.

You should also take advantage of the Instagram tools to create interactive and creative content. These Instagram tools are made to help you boost your brand through visual marketing. Visual marketing makes your posts interesting and allows you to showcase your brand better through effects and visualisation.

It would be good if you also consider looking at tutorials online to help you learn Instagram’s key features and apply them to your marketing campaign.

Good luck and happy Instagram marketing!