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Does Site Traffic Effect Rankings?

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Site Traffic & Rankings

Is your current traffic low? Are you wondering why your website does not show in organic search results?

Let me begin by saying…

Website traffic may not really affect your page ranking, but it plays a vital role to help your page appear in relevant search results.

Does it make sense?

You’ll find out if you continue scrolling!

What is site traffic?

Site traffic or website traffic refers to the users who visit a website, which is also measured in “visits” or “sessions.”

The more web users visit your site, the higher the traffic.

You’re right! Site traffic is essential – but that’s not the only thing!

There are other factors that should be considered, such as how long users stay on the site, the users’ behaviour while on the website, and the cost of bringing in a visitor.

Google Analytics can help you further with that.

As you can see, site traffic is not the only factor that can bring your business to success. On the other hand, it is a great way to assess website popularity and visibility.

Why is ranking important?

Think about it…

Businesses that appear on the first page of organic search results get more views, visits and engagement.

If your business is seen on top of the organic search results, that means authenticity and trust.

Businesses that appear on the first page of search engine result page (SERP) are the most trusted in their industry – that’s what web visitors think.

In short, your business will appear authoritative and trustworthy, which is a critical factor for building a reputation.


You need to know it’s not easy to get the top spot in search rankings and you won’t get the result that you’re aiming for overnight.

Site traffic a ranking factor?

As per Google, site traffic isn’t a ranking factor. But the thing is, site traffic can indirectly affect search rankings depending on how long your visitor stays on the site.

A large volume of traffic may not actually affect your ranking at all, but the number of time visitors stays on your page can boost your website.

Although Google doesn’t really believe that site traffic affects ranking, as a digital marketer, you should still consider the possibility.

So, for a start, consider your website bounce rate for organic ranking.

If a topic has substantial searches and is gaining social media mentions, Google will pay attention to that rather than getting more clicks.

So, make sure that your site is content-driven and offer products and services that are most needed by your audience.

In that way, visitors can help boost your site and you can also gain quality traffic.

So, does traffic really affect search rankings? What can you do to improve your ranking?

Yes and no.

According to Google site traffic does influence search rankings at all. On the other hand, it indirectly affects ranking depending on the visitors’ behaviour while on your site.

There are many ways on how you can use quality traffic in terms of gaining more visibility in SERP, building reputation and business authenticity.

These are all critical factors that can lead your business to success and can help you get high volume search traffic.

Although site traffic isn’t really a thing for Google, it is still safe to assume its possibility as it can help you get to the top rank in SERP and obtain organic traffic.

Final Word

So, work harder in producing content-driven websites and make sure that your users and visitors stay on your site longer.

It is also essential to keep up with the Google algorithm changes and to continue researching how you can improve your ranking and get organic traffic.

Stay focused on promoting your business and don’t hesitate to get help from professionals.

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