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Design Trends That Can Breathe New Life Into Your Website

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Design Trends That Can Breathe New Life Into Your Website

A fresh, gleaming business website is a true gem, allowing you to prominently display your offerings. But like anything new, the allure can fade, and after a few years, you might grow tired of the same appearance.

Feeling uninspired by your website? Don’t worry! Simple design alterations can breathe new life into it. In the realm of graphic design for Perth businesses, we’re continually seeking inspiration and eager to introduce you to design trends that could pique your curiosity.

Multi-Device Compatibility

In today’s digital age, users access the internet through various devices. It’s essential for graphic designers to look beyond traditional computers and ensure that designs function seamlessly across different platforms. Clumsy mobile sites are a no-go; quality must remain consistent.

Grid Layout

The grid layout, with its appealing and user-friendly design, is gaining traction. Even if not used throughout the entire site, certain pages can benefit from this appearance. The grid layout can be modified with overlapping images to create a more engaging look.

Clean, Simple Typography

Gone are the days of elaborate, colourful fonts. The current trend leans towards a more restrained, minimalistic approach, where straightforward typography lets the content shine. While bold fonts are still in play, they’re paired with a clean aesthetic to keep the focus on the content.

Bold Colours

While text may be minimalistic, the use of vibrant colours is on the rise to infuse personality into websites and captivate visitors. Whether you prefer a minimalist webpage, colour can be subtly incorporated into text, backgrounds, or graphics. If bright shades aren’t your thing, a muted palette works too.

High-Quality Images

The shift away from mundane stock photos has led to a surge in websites offering unique, top-notch images for design purposes. This allows your business to effortlessly integrate exceptional images into your site.

At Perth Digital Edge, our skilled team of Perth graphic designers will harness their creative prowess to craft a website and branding that mirrors your business’s character. We make sure your products or services are displayed in a way that enhances engagement with your brand.

Seeking a graphic design agency Perth expert? Reach out to the experts at Perth Digital Edge and discover your digital advantage today.

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