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A Comprehensive Guide To WordPress Speed Optimisation

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Speed up Google

A Comprehensive Guide to WordPress Speed-Up Optimisation Services

WordPress Speed Optimisation can be hard to understand. WordPress is a very popular platform for hosting blogs and websites. Companies and individuals use the site for all kinds of marketing and content-sharing purposes. However, the fact that WordPress is so generic and versatile means it can be tricky to optimize it for SEO. However, you must make sure your WordPress site is SEO-optimized, especially if you use it as your business’s primary webpage or online platform.

One particular issue that many WordPress users have is making the site run smoothly and quickly. This is especially important in relation to Google and SEO results, as the Google SEO algorithm bases part of its results on your site speed and load time. WordPress is no exception. As such, if your primary website is a WordPress page and it runs a little slowly, you need to speed up your WordPress site. We can help you with this as part of our SEO services.

What is SEO? How Does it Work?

If you’re not very familiar with online marketing, you might be wondering what SEO is and why it’s so important. In short, SEO is a set of principles or rules you can use when designing and setting up your webpage. Google and other search engines base their results on a webpage’s SEO score. Every time someone googles something related to your business or webpage, the search engine ranks results based on the SEO scores of all of the possible associated sites.

A site’s SEO score is made up of a whole host of various factors. These factors frequently change as Google refines its SEO algorithms based on what it thinks makes a site more reliable, important, and relevant. One factor that is currently key in determining a site’s SEO score is page load time.

Why Is SEO Important for Business Owners?

Just about every business in the 21st century has some webpage and online presence attached to it. This is partly due to the fact that it’s much faster and easier to find new service providers and companies through search engines. This can make it quicker for your company to reach out to new customers, but the same is true of your competitors. As such, it’s crucial that you have a webpage with the best possible SEO score. Fail to do so, and you can get lost in a sea of search results. Many people don’t even bother to look at search engine results beyond the first page, which is why it’s so important that you come up first, every time.

As such, it’s not enough to rely on marketing or simply having an online presence to reach new customers or advertise your company. You need to do everything you can to get an edge up, and SEO is a huge part of this. If your website is based on WordPress, then you can rely on our team to help you speed up your site. We can provide you with a range of tools and hacks for speeding up your WordPress web page and help you get a better SEO rating overall.

Stand Out Amongst Your Competitors

A slow WordPress website isn’t any good when it comes to having the highest possible SEO rating. Our team has a number of ways to speed up your WordPress website. By focusing on using tools like CDN content delivery, proper hosting, trying a WordPress plugin, removing unused plugins, and improving user experience, you can remove a lot of the issues that cause a site to be slow to load, as well as provide site visitors with a high-quality experience overall. This is important for getting a good SEO rating, but it also helps you stand out amongst your competitors in general.

How Can I Get a Better SEO Rating?

There’s a whole host of ways you can improve the SEO rating of WordPress sites. Managed WordPress hosting is just one method you can use. In addition, you can employ certain plugins to enhance the performance of your site, especially your WordPress website speed. Loading times aren’t the only thing that matters when it comes to calculating your WordPress performance, though.

File size is another crucial factor for the performance of your WordPress web page. It actually influences factors like loading time, too.

In addition to tackling slow loading, you can implement a number of other methods for getting a great rating for your WordPress

SEO Rating and Site Speed

How Page Speed Affects SEO & Google Rankings

Google, in particular, values page speed highly when assessing the quality of a given site and determining its SEO rating. For more information or a detailed explanation of how Google analyses the speed of a page for SEO purposes, feel free to follow this link.  You can also see on the page that Google provides recommendations for how pages can improve their functioning and leverage the infrastructure that Google itself uses for better performance.

Also, this page provided by Google allows you to directly assess the speed and performance of your webpage, including load times. These page speed insights are a valuable and reliable tool to use in conjunction with speed optimization. Whether you’re just trying to improve on the user experience that WordPress websites can provide or want your WordPress site to have a better SEO rating, Google’s speed insights are indispensable.

How Do I Increase my WordPress Speed?

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve the performance of your WordPress site speed and its load speed is through using plugins. There are a variety of different kinds of plugins for WordPress, and many of them are geared towards improving the overall performance of the page through caching, image size management, compressing files, and more.


Here is a list of some of our favourite WordPress plugins to use for improving your site’s load speed and overall performance. If you come to us for our WordPress SEO service, this is one of the first things we recommend for clients. These plugins are easy to use and maintain, and they can make an incredible impact on load times and your overall WordPress site speed.


With a plugin like W3, you can implement caching for your WordPress page. One challenge with web hosting is managing data and how it affects page rendering times. Using WordPress caching or browser caching with caching plugins, you can substantially reduce load times for your website, improving the user experience and your WordPress page’s SEO rating simultaneously.

Using a caching plugin such as W3 is often one of the single best things you can do for the performance of your website. W3 is a caching plugin that utilizes a content delivery network for caching and shared hosting. When you use a CDN, you can reduce the burden of your data on loading times and browser performance, too. This is why we almost recommend that clients use a CDN in conjunction with WordPress, especially if the performance of their website is less than optimal when they first contact us.

WP Super Minify

If you host files on your website, then compressing them is one of the best ways to speed up your site performance and loading times. If your WordPress site has CSS and Javascript files, it can slow down its overall performance. One WordPress plugin that you can use to compress Javascript and CSS files is WP Super Minify.

Not only can this third party plugin skyrocket the loading time of your WordPress site by compressing CSS and Javascript files, but it’s very easy to download and use.

WP Smush

Hosting images on your website is a fantastic way to improve the user’s experience and overall look of your WordPress site. However, images can be something of a two-edged sword. If you use too many images or your images are too large, then this can seriously impact the performance of your site. This is why we generally recommend that clients use an image compression plugin to speed up a WordPress site and loading times, especially if they host lots of images on their site.

One of our favourites is WP Smush. It makes using and compressing images almost effortless. You can compress different file formats, and the plugin also removes unnecessary metadata and other unnecessary information, making it a fantastic choice when you need to speed up WordPress.

Lazy Load by WP Rocket

If your website has a lot of content, this is likely to impact the loading time on most users’ computers. This is partially due to the amount of time it takes to display information kept in the WordPress database. One way to counteract this is via lazy loading, and the Lazy Load plugin is a fantastic and easy solution that makes this process automatic. In short, it only displays content within the first ‘fold’ of a webpage. The user doesn’t see more until they scroll further down the page.


The WP-Optimize plugin is a fantastic solution for speeding up the performance of the WordPress database itself. This is due to the way WP manages new posts and content. When you make a post, WordPress automatically produces a few different copies. You might also have spam comments or excessive post revisions on the site itself, which can impact load times. WP-Optimize removes these, streamlining the loading process and reducing pressure on the web server.

How Can I Speed Up My WordPress Site Without a Plugin?


How Can I Speed Up My WordPress Admin?

Simple things like formatting can sometimes speed up WordPress performance and loading times. You can try something simple like a table of contents, for example. Also, you should endeavour to delete any content that is no longer necessary or relevant or archive it. Simply leaving it on your site in the same form can result in the site taking longer to load. Deleting unnecessary post revisions is a good way to keep your site relevant and cull any content you might have that is no longer helpful. However, it can be tricky to manage excess post revisions and similar content without using any plugin.

Managing Image Size and Quality

If you don’t want to employ a plugin for image size, then you can still try to optimize your images in a way that doesn’t impact the performance of your site. Image optimization can involve choosing images that are of higher quality. If you want to display higher-quality images without negatively influencing the loading time of your website, then you can try choosing images that are smaller. Try to exclusively implement formats like jpg., jpeg., png., gif. It can be tricky to optimize images without bringing down the load time of your website, though. This is why we generally recommend image compression plugins when hosting images on your WordPress site.

Speed Up WordPress with a Good Hosting Provider

Working with a reliable hosting provider is crucial for the performance of your website. If you need to speed up WordPress in order to get a better SEO rating, you can see great results by simply switching to a different hosting provider. The provider you employ for web hosting has a direct impact on your website’s SEO rating.

If you aren’t sure which web server your site should be hosted with, then you could consider using one of the three that WordPress recommends itself. These provide options for shared hosting and offer good opportunities for server resources and performance in general. Having reliable server resources is a key element of a strong hosting provider, so make sure not to disregard this.

Choose an SEO-Optimized WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme you choose impacts the SEO rating of your site directly. Some themes are considered to be more SEO-friendly than others. As such, choosing the right theme can make all the difference for your SEO rating.

Using Pingbacks and Trackbacks

You can employ Pingbacks and Trackbacks as a way to monitor your interactions with other bloggers on WP. These can sometimes affect the loading time of your site, so you might like to reconsider whether or not you want to support them on your website. If not, you can disable them.

Why Should I Work With an SEO Agency?

We Know What Works and What Doesn’t

Through our industry experience, we know which plugins to install and which aren’t worth your time. We can recommend the best content delivery network and help you integrate everything on your website so that it looks fantastic, too.

We Keep Up With SEO Trends

SEO changes constantly. In order to get the best rating for your website, you need to know what Google considers and disregards when calculating your website’s SEO rank. We monitor changes and developments within SEO best practices very closely. Part of this involves trying the newest plugins as they become available, as well as discarding anything that doesn’t make a positive impact on our clients’ SEO scores.

Our Solutions Are Beautiful, and they Really Work

When our team works on your website, they implement principles from both SEO and graphic design. As a result, you can get a result that is both beautiful and highly functional. You can provide a strong user experience while maintaining a high SEO score. We implement plugins where useful and helpful and remove them where they slow you down. In doing so, we can help you get the best of both worlds. Site speed and SEO are just one part of what we do, after all.

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