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7 Link Building Services That Actually Work in 2022 (plus Answers to Questions like: “What Is Backlinks?” and More)

what are the advantages of SEO? You've probably been told to use search engine optimization a few times as a business owner or marketer.

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  • 7 Link Building Services That Actually Work in 2022 (plus Answers to Questions like: “What Is Backlinks?” and More)

If you're not familiar with that tactic, you might feel that it's not worth the time or money to put into it.

what is a backlink

looking for quality link building services that actually works? Whether you’re a website owner trying to improve your search engine rankings, or an SEO expert trying to help a client with their SEO strategy, you’ve probably heard of backlinks. While improving your backlink profile might seem like a sly SEO tactic, the truth is that it is an essential element for attracting organic traffic.

However, earning backlinks is a somewhat challenging task, especially if you have no experience and don’t know where to start. There are a number of link-building services designed to take care of this for you, so you can focus on more pressing matters, like building your business.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best backlinking services you can use to gain high-quality backlinks and improve your search engine ranking.

What Is “Backlinks” in SEO?

One of the most commonly asked questions amongst new website owners is, “What is a backlink to a website?”

Backlinks are links that go from a webpage on one site to a page on another website. They are sometimes called “one-way links,” “incoming links,” or “inbound links.”

Google and other top search engines view them as votes of confidence for a certain page. Web pages with lots of backlinks typically score well in organic search results.

If you want to check how many backlinks you have, you can use Google Search Console. This tool has been designed to help you analyse your website’s performance.

Google Search Console has four reports to help you assess your backlink profile, which you can use when working on link building.

What Are the Different Types of Backlinks?

Different Types of Backlinks

There are several types of links that you can use to build your profile. However, keep in mind that not all backlinks are the same, and some may hold more weight than others.

Here is a list of the different types of links that you can use to build your online presence:

  • Nofollow links. These links have no impact on the authority of the website it is linking to.
  • Follow links. Unlike nofollow links, these backlinks do have an impact on the authority of the referring domains.
  • Sponsored or paid links. Sometimes, website owners can pay an affiliate for backlinks.
  • UGC links. These backlinks are user-generated and come from review sites and forums.

Why Are Backlinks Important to Search Engines?

Now that we understand what a backlink is, the next question we need to ask is, “Why are backlinks important?” The truth is that many website owners don’t realize just how important link building is.

To help you understand the relevance of these links, we’ll discuss their importance.

There are three primary reasons why link building is so important to search engines when ranking websites. They improve your:

They Enhance Your Discoverability


Search engines find new material by returning to previously visited web pages to look for new links.

If you receive backlinks from popular sites, a search engine may find your content more quickly since they return to successful pages more frequently than unpopular ones.

Backlinks Can Improve Your Google Ranking

As mentioned before, Google and other search engines view backlinks as recommendations or votes. In general, the more votes your webpage receives, the more likely it is that it will rank highly for relevant terms when conducting a Google search.

They Make You More Credible and Trustworthy

If a user is taken back to your site regularly through backlinks, there’s a greater chance that they will view your website as trustworthy. This is because the website they’re on has chosen to recommend you, so you must be reliable and offer helpful information.

You Get More Referral Traffic

Backlinks point to relevant sites and can be clicked on for more information. Therefore, when a user is reading the content on a website and sees a link to your webpage, they will use it to visit your site.

You receive referral traffic as a result. More traffic to your web page means that Google will see that there is a large amount of traffic to your website and view your webpage as valuable. This improves your search engine ranking.

What Is a Link Building Service?

a person typing on a surface laptop

If you’ve never heard of a link-building service before, you’re probably wondering what it is. When you hire a service provider to build links for you, you’re essentially paying them to generate backlinks for your website.

In other words, the company will select appropriate websites to add links on and take care of link-building activities for you. By doing so, you can enhance your backlink profile, which will benefit your Google ranking.

A search engine optimization specialist provides link-building services to help a business to obtain backlinks by completing certain link-building activities.

This includes guest posting, broken link building, and manual prospecting, among other approaches.

Pursue Valuable Backlinks

The truth is that not all backlinks are valuable. In the section below, we’ll look at some of the reasons why some backlinks may be better than others.

1. Authority of the Referring Domain

Popular web pages tend to convey more “domain authority” through backlinks than unpopular ones. There is a strong correlation between the authority of referring domains and traffic.

However, not all backlinks from authoritative pages convey greater authority. All outbound links on a webpage share equal authority, according to Google’s original patent.

Therefore, the links from a page with fewer outbound links will carry greater authority over a webpage with a higher number of outbound links.

2. Website Traffic

You will typically receive more traffic from referring domains that receive more traffic themselves.

While it may drive traffic to your website, there is a weak correlation between backlinks from high-traffic web pages and improved Google rankings.

3. Relevance

Because they are more likely to be clicked, relevant backlinks are given greater weight by Google. The company discusses this in its patent for the “reasonable surfer.”

This means that backlinks should improve the user experience, so a backlink from a pet product store to a dog collar review would hold greater weight than a backlink from the same online store to a kitchen utensil review.

4. Location

Certain links on web pages probably have more authority than others because the end user is more likely to click on links that are featured prominently.

When searching for backlinks to build your profile, keep this in mind. Put your effort into other prospects if your link is likely to appear in the website’s footer.

5. The Anchor Text Used

Anchor text is essentially the text to which a link is added. According to Google, the anchor text used to add links plays a part in rankings.

However, while it is essential, anchor text plays a minor role in determining the authority and value of a backlink.

6. Followed Versus Nofollow Links

Even though they occasionally do, nofollow backlinks don’t typically affect the ranking of the linked page.

It’s important to give followed links top priority because link development requires time and work. However, don’t disregard nofollow backlinks. They might still be useful for SEO purposes.

Top 7 Backlink Services to Use for Building a Good Backlink Profile

In the section below, we’ll provide an overview of the link-building services you can use to boost your backlink profile.

1. uSERP


uSERP is an international agency dedicated to helping businesses build backlinks. Many renowned businesses, including, Hotjar, and Freshworks, benefit from its services as they try to improve their organic ranking, traffic, and earnings.

The company specializes in high-authority link building with a focus on quality rather than quantity to support search engine optimization efforts.

uSERP will pursue links from websites with high domain authority. It has a lengthy history of achieving results for big and small businesses in some of the most cutthroat online markets.

Although uSERP uses a number of methods to build backlinks, it uses a white-hat, outreach-based, and content-focused approach. The company avoids all PBNs and only gets links from DR60+ websites you are familiar with.

In an average of just two to three months, its clients’ traffic will improve significantly. It caters to clients of all sizes, including small businesses, sole traders, and large corporations.


If you’re looking for a company with SEO experts that have received world-class training, then is the company for you.

It provides unmatched support with affordable packages, giving you great value for money.

The company has over 13 years of experience in the industry and employs a manual SEO and link-building approach. understands that having the right link-building tools isn’t the only important thing. It’s knowing how to use those tools that counts.

When you use this company for your SEO and link building, you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality services from SEO experts that you can trust.

3. First Page

First Page

With First Page, you can supercharge your website with quality backlinks to boost referral traffic and revenue.

This award-winning Australian link-building service provider offers several free tools to help businesses improve their search engine optimization and attract website traffic.

It has also been recognized by Google as one of the best-growing businesses in 2018 and won an award for the best E-commerce campaign at the Asia E-commerce Awards, among others.

The company uses a variety of approaches to building links, including manual outreach.

4. Engine Scout

Engine Scout

Suppose you’re looking for a renowned SEO backlink service provider based in Australia. In that case, Engine Scout is a fantastic choice.

The company also offers a comprehensive list of SEO services, so if you’re looking for a provider that can handle all your ranking needs, give Engine Scout a try.

It promises to deliver high-quality backlinks to help you improve your search engine ranking and gain more organic traffic.

Engine Sprout uses a mix of organic and paid traffic to help you build a strong profile and boost your revenue.

5. Stellar SEO

The link outreach and specialized backlink-building techniques of Stellar SEO are well-known. You can have as much or as little outreach as necessary, thanks to the company’s outreach strategy.

Since 2015, it has focused on link outreach and has proven to be adept at securing links using a wide range of strategies.

This service is worthwhile considering if security, durability, and scalability are important to you. The size and expertise of Stellar SEO’s team enable them to be experts in techniques for manual outreach, passive link acquisition, and content promotion.

It also provides a blogger outreach service with pay-per-link rates if you have a limited budget or only need a few backlinks.

In either instance, the outcomes this company have generated are a testament to the high calibre of its service.



FATJOE provides content and outsources link-building services for SEO companies. Joining FATJOE will grant you access to services, like Blogger Outreach, and a simple-to-use Dashboard to handle and track orders.

With its Blogger Outreach offering, FATJOE looks for relevant blogs and sites to mention your clients’ brands and products. You won’t ever have duplicate links because their system maintains a record of every placement.

Moreover, you will have diverse ranking power at your disposal if you add some blog posts and sporadic press releases to its link-building services.

It is also important to note that FATJOE’s focus is primarily on providing white label SEO services for digital companies.

Plus, with quick turnaround times and affordable pricing, there’s little reason not to choose this company for effective link building.

7. Seige Media

Seige Media

The only way Siege Media produces links is by hosting and then promoting content on your website.

In addition to the value of the backlink, Siege frequently produces top-funnel referral traffic using assets posted on the site and its unique SEO strategy.

Its staff is great at producing high-quality content that brands adore and form a team that many well-known companies, including Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Zillow, and others, trust.

Although Siege Media doesn’t guarantee how many links you’ll get because its technique is entirely white hat, it does provide a range of predictions up front.

The complexity of the content you’ll obtain and the amount of outreach time you’ll get is based on the model that the company uses.

How to Get More Backlinks

There are three main ways to obtain backlinks. If you use link-building services, the chances are that the company will use one or more of these techniques.

Creating Backlinks

With this method, you add links manually from other sites. Examples include listing your company in business directories, commenting on blogs, and participating in forum discussions.

Earning Backlinks

This occurs when users decide to link to your webpage after finding your material through search engines like Google, word-of-mouth, or social media.

Another name for earned backlinks is organic backlinks.

By producing helpful content that people would want to link to, you can increase your chances of obtaining more organic backlinks.

Building Backlinks

To build backlinks, you’ll have to reach out to blogs, websites, and webmasters, and ask them to link to your web pages. This involves engaging in link-building activities, such as:

  • Guest posting – by creating content for another blog or website, you can earn links to your site.
  • Finding unlinked mentions – this involves looking for places where your web page or site may have been mentioned and asking the website owner to add a link to one of your pages.
  • Use broken links – if you find broken links and provide suitable content to replace them with, you can build your profile while helping that website owner improve their site.
  • Try the Skyscraper Technique – this method involves finding pages with too many low-quality links and asking the website owner to link to your site instead.
  • Get mentions in “Top X” or “Best X” articles – approach the owners of review sites and ask them to mention one of your products in their lists for an easy backlink.
  • Feature in the “Read More” section – you can also ask referring domains to feature your site in this section to boost your number of backlinks
  • Focus on creating quality material – when you post quality material, there is a greater chance that other sites will quote your text and link back to your webpage.
  • Create free tools – this is an effective way to build links. You can create calculators, guides, or templates to increase the chances of another site linking to yours.

Choosing Link Building Services

When going through our list of SEO agencies, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Purchase Links Based on Domain Rating

Buying links based on domain rating is a more advantageous way to purchase backlinks.

Domain Rating is an Ahrefs-developed SEO scoring system that compares a website’s link profile to those of other websites in its database and rates them on a scale of 100 points.

In the modern realm of SEO, this is a more accurate way to determine the authority of a domain.

Moreover, in addition to this rating, you should always check that the backlinks you receive are coming from websites that actually receive visitors.

Generally, only links with a minimum domain rating of 30 and 1,000 monthly visitors should be targeted.

Check Your Backlink Reports

As we’ve mentioned before, you can check your link profile using Google Search Console. Businesses that wish to dominate organic results must focus on quality link building.

However, low-quality, volume-based link development is harmful and might affect your web presence permanently.

We encourage you to do your research before selecting any SEO Perth firm and put your faith in the link-building professionals who have the time and experience to do it right.

Please spend time determining where and how your website gets cited on external websites. Some businesses start off offering fantastic links, but their calibre may deteriorate over time.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to ranking highly with search engines like Google, backlinks are a key element to consider. However, the truth is that not every backlink is the same.

A link’s quality and usefulness are influenced by its location, relevance, and the authority of the referring domains, among other factors.

While there are a number of link-building tools and strategies to help you build high-quality links, knowing how to use them isn’t always easy.

What’s more, you’ll need to dedicate your time to more pertinent matters, like creating quality content and new products.

By using a link-building service from our list, you can improve your chances of success and drive organic traffic to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the section below, we’ll answer some of the most-asked questions about link building.

1. Will a guest blog post help with link building?

Yes! Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to boost your profile. When you write a blog post for another website, there will almost always be a link from that website to yours.

2. What are the benefits of using a link-building service?

The truth is that hiring a professional to take care of your link building can be beneficial in a number of ways. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a link-building service provider:

  • It saves you time
  • There’s a better chance that you will get quality backlinks
  • You’ll get the help of a link-building expert that has been doing this for years

3. What is broken link building?

Many web pages have broken links.

Finding broken links and contacting webmasters with a resource you’ve generated to replace them constitute the practice of broken link building.

Given that you are assisting the webmaster or business while also gaining a link going to your (or a client’s) website, it may be a useful tool in your link-building toolbox.

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