The Australian Web Awards is an organisation that showcases exceptional work that has been done by Australian web developers, designers, copywriters, and search engine optimisation specialists. The awards provide recognition for the champions of the Australian web industry. By recognising the best in the industry, the organisation pushes others to work harder to grow and improve the web industry in Australia. The mission of the web awards is to promote and strengthen the Australian web industry by nurturing talent, recognising excellent work, and praising best practice standards. The competition in Australia is very close every time, and this award ceremony helps to set the best design apart from the rest and also recognise new entrants.

About the Australian Web Awards

The Web Awards were founded in 2005 by a group of web developers. It went on to become a national event in 2009. The reason why these awards were started is because of the passion for supporting the industry and other developers who make browsing the internet a much easier and enjoyable experience with their new ideas and design talents.

Each year, the entries are judged by a group of people deemed to be digital industry leaders. The judges choose the winners of each category through a careful selection process. The winners are then recognised at the awards gala held on the Gold Coast, QLD. The gala is an excellent opportunity for designers and developers to network and share their victories.

The Judging Process of a Website

Entries of the Australian Web Awards are assessed through the use of a combination of judging principles. Some of the judging principles as content and development, of which entrants are given a score on a scale from 1 to 5. Each website is judged by multiple judges in order to ensure fairness and that the correct winners are chosen in the close competition.

The First Stage

Before the judging begins, all entries are reviewed for evidence of their site performance, markup, and the accessibility compliance that is required for the category entry. All the entries who meet the recommended guidelines then go on to qualify for the judging stage.

Judging Disciplines

There are five disciplines that each entry is judged in. These disciplines are:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Content
  • User Experience
  • Accessibility

If the entry is a social campaign or SEO, then they may not be required to be judged in all five disciplines.

Judging Criteria

When judging each discipline, judges give out a score between one and five. A score of 1 indicates that the entry has received the minimum level that is accepted and, most likely, won’t qualify for the awards. A score of 3 means that an entry can be considered as a finalist for an award. Finally, a score of 5 indicates excellence and that the entry has surpassed any expectations. An entry who receives a score of 5 is the ideal winner of a category.

Entrants are judged in each of the five categories. The scores they received in the previous categories are added together to give the entrant a score out of 25. The competition is usually very close, and this system allows the best design to win.

What is the World’s Best Website?

Ideally, the world’s best website would get the highest score in each of the disciplines. There are a number of websites that are exceptional, which makes choosing the winner a close call. The two sites that are deemed to be the best in the world probably come as no surprise to you. Both of these websites provide excellent services, and the content that they provide is high in information and assist you to find whatever you need. The two sites being spoken about are YouTube and Google, and their ratings are so close that it is impossible to choose a winner in 2021.[/vc_column_text]Over time, these two digital giants have become the most commonly used websites globally. They have taken over from platforms that were previous leaders and continue to connect people from all over the world. Including services such as being able to connect your email to the site in order to get sent information when something that piques your interest is updated have really given these sites an edge. Both YouTube and Google ensure that you are able to find whatever you are looking for with their well-designed algorithms. The algorithm uses the information to learn what you search and, as such, assists you when trying to find whatever new information you want to follow.

Who Won Webby Awards 2020?

The Webby Awards is another platform that honors the best of the internet. Similar to the Australian Web Awards, they have different categories in which creative partners compete to be the winners on the internet. In the category of the best site, there are many sub-categories such as art, activism, and education.

In 2020, Avi Schiffman won the Webby person of the year award, and the digital app House party won the award for Webby breakout for the year. 2020 was a very interesting year for the internet with a major move towards the digital space, unlike in previous years. The want for more digital experience led to many creatives becoming a developer. The job of a developer is to produce websites and applications that can compete to hopefully win something at the Australian Web Awards. Although 2020 has been an interesting year for the live space, hopefully, developers can learn from the lessons they have learned and follow these to become even better in 2021.

What is Awwwards?

Awwwards is a special website that doubles as a professional web design and development competition body. They offer a website competition to which any budding developer can submit to. This competition brings out the best of the best and allows them to compete for who has done the work to design the website that wins the award.

The award show is fairly new, having only being started in 2009. However, now in 2021, they are firmly established and are looking to make their presence more felt in the website design awards scene. On their website, they allow users to see the site that they suggest for the day. The site they suggest is usually a previous winner of an award. The new sites that have been released in 2021 can also be seen here as well as the day they were published. This allows for new sites to gain recognition and for new developers to see how well the site performs.

How Do I Show Awards on My Website?

Whether your website is one that sells products, offers services, or uses complex algorithms to assist users, you can still be eligible to win an award. Should you be interested in winning an internet award in 2021, you can send an email to any of the site awards, whether new or old. Your site is judged according to the before-mentioned criteria to see if it can compete with other entrants, and an email is sent to you should your site be entered. The most creative site can get the most attention and can make the most noise. So, if that is your site, and you happen to win an internet award, how do you allow visitors to your digital domain to see your awards when they choose a time to visit your website in 2021?

If you want to show your new live awards, you can create a live website section that updates with accolades whenever they are won. Doing this in 2021 can bring more traffic to your website and may even attract sponsors for your products or services. Sponsors can really up your traffic by bringing new visitors to your site on a day to day basis. Make 2021 your year and showcase the new awards that your website has won to further impress the users of your site.