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At Perth Digital Edge, we are a digital agency with a focus on tackling all online projects, we strive to create a solid bond between the client and the agency.

We are always interested to expand our workforce with likeminded digital professionals who are committed to delivering the EDGE in the online minefield.

Make an appointment so that we can have an informal chat about your areas of expertise and ascertain where you may effectively JOIN THE TEAM.

Don’t understand something within the digital space? that’s OK!

We encourage an environment of friendly cooperation and learning so that you can rest easy knowing your happiness and work ethics will always be considered so that you can advance and attain your career goals.

At Perth Digital Edge – the management team doesn’t stand behind you wielding a WHIP! We stand in front of you in a chariot leading the way!


  • You will have the opportunity to work face to face with the client and not just be stuck behind a desk
  • You will be given the opportunity and encouraged to expand your horizons by attaining additional useful qualifications while you work
  • We will provide frequent opportunities to participate in various forms of industry training
  • You have the opportunity to be part of team that delivers!
  • Some agencies overload their staff with work – when this happens the quality suffers, so we like to give each professional a small group of niche clients which can be focused on to achieve professional results
  • When you work for a big agency or company – you are often looked at as just a number this isn’t the case with PERTH DIGITAL EDGE. You will​ be a valued member of our close team!
  • Do you have what it takes to bring a client into the fold and give them the PERTH DIGITAL EDGE? You will be rewarded with a bonus*


  • We prefer a relaxed & friendly atmosphere – casual clothes are welcome as long whenever you need to go to a meeting or be on a skype call you are presentable at that time.
  • Reasonable working hours – our team’s life – work balance is important to us!
  • We are currently a digital office so we work mostly online – however you will need to be responsive while online


– (watch this space)


Please drop us a line and send us a copy of your CV. If we don’t have any current vacancies that suit you now, we will keep you on file and you may be given the opportunity to provide the EDGE at a later date.

EMAIL us today


Contact us on to set up an appointment which could change your life!

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